Maggie in the Woods

Uilleann Pipe Sheet Music

"Maggie in the Woods" is a spirited Uilleann pipe tune that exudes the lively and celebratory spirit of Irish folk music. This traditional polka tune is a favorite at gatherings, sessions, and ceilidhs, where its infectious melody often prompts spontaneous dancing and merriment. The Uilleann pipes bring a distinctive and evocative quality to "Maggie in the Woods," infusing the music with the soul-stirring sounds that define Celtic tradition. The tune's catchy rhythm and joyful notes make it a perfect choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the energetic and heartwarming world of Irish music, and it remains a cherished part of the rich tapestry of Celtic tunes that have stood the test of time.

Learn to play the uilleann pipe tune Maggie in the Woods

Below is the sheet music to help you learn to play Maggie in the Woods on the uilleann pipes. This is a great polka for any beginner uilleann piper. Join The Uilleann Pipe Academy to access interactive sheet music for a wide range of fantastic tunes. 

Maggie in the Woods uilleann pipe

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I hope you have enjoyed the free sheet music for Maggie in the Woods. I have an accompanying video lesson to go with this tune where I dive deep into the tune and break it apart phrase by phrase. It also comes with interactive sheet music that makes practicing fun, easy and intuitive. If you truly want to learn this tune and so many others, plus learn and master uilleann pipe embellishments, tuning and maintenance, The Uilleann Pipe Academy may be for you. 

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